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What is a VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a network or connection a point-to-point which are inside or over another network. This connection represents the tunnel between the client installed on the user's computer and the VPN-server. Inside tunnel all your sent and received data will be encrypted and modified so that no one can intercept them.


Hacked page on a social network this is unpleasant. But besides, passwords of your bank accounts and electronic purses can fall into the hands of the intruders. VPN service is a protection of your information. Outgoing and incoming traffic inside the tunnel will be encrypted and will not fall into the hands even of your provider.

Due to progress of technology it is possible to find free Wi-Fi in cafe and other institutions. We often use unprotected network to access the Internet. Connecting to the unprotected Wi-Fi network you expose to risk your personal data. The intruder can intercept your information and will get access to your device. VPN will protect Wi-Fi connection. All information will be in encrypted form go to the destination and back via VPN server.


On the Internet we often see the questions “how can i hide the IP address?” or ” how to change IP address?”. With the advent of VPN these questions are gone. Nobody can discover your real geographical location because can't get yours real IP address. This will ensure you anonymity on the Internet. VPN client sends traffic from all programs via the VPN server. By connecting to the server you can play the game and do not think about the complex advanced settings.

If you are using several anonymous Proxy your provider can track what you do on the Internet. Because in connect via Proxy haven't encryption. Also some games when connected through a Proxy can send the real IP address of the computer. When connected to the VPN instead of your real IP address will be necessarily displayed IP address of the VPN server.

Opens access to all resources the Internet

Many resources in the Internet are blocked by providers owing to geographical location, political reasons or administrators on a work. In free time at work you cannot visit a social network or to watch video at YouTube. At home we can't watch news and video in other countries.

VPN helps get access to all network resources. After connection to the VPN your real IP address will change on IP address of VPN server and geographic location will change too. You will get access to all of the resources which blocked by provider. At work you can communicate with friends, browse the information that is locked by the administrator and not be afraid that information fall into the hands of supervisor at work. You can to play games on foreign servers which were inaccessible because of a geographical position.

Let's summarize

We gave only some options of use of VPN. We see that VPN helps you to get access to all information, gives safety and anonymity in the Internet. We hope this article helped you to understand what is VPN and what for it necessary.