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Terms of use

Using our service, you accept the following terms of use. In case of violation, the Administration has the right to block the account of a client without payment of compensation.

1. Provides of services
1.1 Provides of services starting from the moment of receipt of payment.
1.2 VPNSafe provides the services VPN connection on the period which ordered and paid by the client.
1.3 Client has the right to suspend the service in case of not using. To do this you need to contact with technical support using the feedback form.
1.4 Administration service does not keeps a log of user actions on the Internet. We keep statistics of amount of connected users to our servers. This statistics does not have data about you and cannot be transferred to third parties.
2. Payment of services
2.1 Payment is made by transferring money to the account VPNSafe service in under the ordered service.
2.2 Payment is made in any convenient way for the customer through the payment system listed on the site. Prices are in U.S. dollars.
3. Forbidden
3.1 Use the service to distribute content that is protected by intellectual property rights.
3.2 Use the service for applying malicious actions in relation to computers and Internet users.
3.3 Use the service for spam mailings and malware distribution.
3.4 The use of P2P traffic.
3.5 Use the service with purpose hacking and port scanning.
3.6 Use the service for distribution of the material being provocative, threatening or offensive.
3.7 Simultaneous connection of multiple devices from a single user name.