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Answers to the most popular questions

Q: What is a VPN? Why you need aVPN?

A: VPN (Virtual Private Network) it is a connection a point-to-point which represents the tunnel. Inside tunnel all your sent and received data will be encrypted. VPN is used to protect information in Internet, get access to sites, changes geographical location and changes the IP address. Details about VPN technology you can read the article WHAT IS A VPN.

Q: Can i use a VPN without connection to an Internet provider?

A: No. For the VPN connection you must already be connected to the Internet.

Q: What's the difference between a VPN and Proxy?

A: The proxy the server changes only the ip address but information is transferred in open form. VPN transmits information in encrypted form. VPN will help to protect your information and hide the geographic location.

Q: I can get access to sites which are blocked by provider?

A: Connecting to our service you will get access to all the pages which are blocked provider or administrator on work.

Q: On your servers there are limitations of speed or traffic?

A: On our servers are unlimited speed and the traffic.

Q: Can i use torrent via yours server?

A: No. On our service is prohibited of P2P traffic.

Q: Can i use VPN connection in the Wi-fi network?

A: Yes you can. We recommend you to use a VPN connection in Wi-Fi networks for the protection of the transmitted and received information.

Q: Can i test services before ordering?

A: Yes. You can test our services are absolutely free for one day. For receiving a trial tariff you need register on a site. You can fulfill the conditions of the special offer and receive a subscription "One month".

Q: Possible suspend the ordered service if i not intending to use VPN in the near time?

A: You can suspend service if you are going not to use long time it. For suspending services you need to contact with technical support via feedback form.

Q: Can i use services simultaneously with several devices but from one account?

A: No. The account can be used only on one device. If you want to connect VPN on other device you must disconnect VPN connection on the first device.

Q: On which devices I can use VPN connection?

A: You can use a VPN connection on the stationary devices (home or work computer) and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptop). For details how to configure vpn connection go to the section CONFIGURE and select the required operating system.

Q: Which protocols and ports can i use for connect?

A: For all servers available connecting over TCP (80, 443) and UDP (53, 25000).

Q: After connecting to the VPN on a sites shows my IP-address. What could be the reason?

A: In operating systems like Windows Vista, 7, 8 the client you must run as administrator. Right-click on the shortcut OpenVPN GUI and in the context menu select "Run as administrator".

Q: What is necessary for installation of the client?

A: To install the client, you must have administrator rights.

Q: After the service ordering to which of the servers can i connecting?

A: After service ordering you will have an opportunity to connect to servers in Germany, England, Russia and the USA.

Q: Is it possible to use a bunch of VPN + Proxy?

A: Yes. You can use a bunch of VPN + Proxy.

Q: Can I configure a VPN on router?

A: Yes you can. Many routers support VPN connection by the PPTP and L2TP protocols. For connect by the OpenVPN protocol is necessary that in the firmware of the router was OpenVPN client.

Q: Are there any prohibitions on your service?

A: Yes. The rules of rendering services you can find in section the TERMS OF USE.

Q: You are keeps statistics or log of traffic on servers?

A: We do not keeps a log of user actions on the Internet. We are conducting statistics only the user connections to our servers. This statistic does not contain user data and can not be a transferred to third parties..