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Customers of our service available:

  • Anonymity, change IP-address;
  • The high degree of encryption, 1024-bit private key;
  • High-speed connection on ports TCP (80, 443) and UDP (53, 25000);
  • No speed limit and traffic;
  • Free trial period for one day;
  • Provides access to resources that are locked by the provider or administrator;
  • Change geographic location;
  • Establishes a secure channel with the Internet, unsafe Wi-Fi networks;

Our tariff plans

One day free
1 Day
Diskount 0%
Unlimited speed
Unlimited traffic
7 Days
Diskount 0%
Unlimited speed
Unlimited traffic
30 Days
Discount 13%
Unlimited speed
Unlimited traffic
Three Months
90 Days
Discount 27%
Unlimited speed
Unlimited traffic

Цены примечание Eng

Currently we provide VPN access in Germany, Great Britain, Russia and the United States. Required for the connection to pay for the subscription, download configuration files and configure the client with the help of our guides for setting up, in accordance with the operating system. Connected to the server you get all the services even during the trial period. In the future, we plan to increase the number of servers in different countries. We work for your safety.

If you have any questions you can contact us via the feedback form.